What is PlayWin?

The PlayWin Multiplayer API is a RESTful API designed to provide a white label solution for real money eSport competitions in online skill games. Developers are free to utilize our solution to handle registration, user wallets, settlement and compliance needs via our turnkey solution.

I'm not sure my game is skill based. How can I be sure?

The PlayWin team vets each game uniquely based on our proprietary criteria to ensure that it is compliant with the legal status in every country we offer our services.

How much does PlayWin cost?

PlayWin is free to integrate and use.

What platforms is PlayWin available for?

Users can access PlayWin Multiplayer via any enabled game that is connected to the internet. However, platform providers may restrict the availability of real money eSport competitions. Contact support@playwin.me for more details regarding current guidance on which platforms support PlayWin Multiplayer.

How do you divide revenue?

Revenue is split 50/50 between PlayWin and the game developer with the developer being able to determine the stakes and fees for their own competitions. Please see the API manual for more detailed guidance.

Do you support <popular backend game server>?

We support almost every current game server with our API. Feel free to inquire with info@playwin.me for more specific information about the server technology of your choice, and we can work with you and the technology provider to ensure that our API will work seamlessly with your current stack.

Do you provide advice on game design or technical implementation?

All consulting services provided by PlayWin are free of charge and provided to game developers on an as needed basis. Contact info@playwin.me with your specific question regarding either game design or support@playwin.me with any technical integration questions and a member of our team will be happy to assist you in any way possible.